What do you think when I say “Iceland”? Let me guess. First thing that comes to your mind is the volcano that erupted few years ago and no one can pronounce it, second is a Blue Lagoon full of Asian tourists, and third – Game of Thrones.

After my last visit to this incredible island, what comes to my mind is Lobster Hut.  As every dining review stated that Iceland is the place to have this red creature, I made a note for myself – have a lobster on Iceland. Carefully chosen location for my splurge turned out to be quite a challenge. Google maps did not cooperate on finding the address, and on the rainy day we ended up on the other side of the city, instead of sitting on a bench and sinking my teeth into a sub.

451Next day in the centre of the city, 4hours before saying “goodbye” to the island, Lobster Hut appeared in my life. And the experience it was! It is a food trailer, ran by a mother and a son, who prepare and cook the food by themselves. Food is served in lunch and afternoon hours only. The menu is not an excessive one, – it offers lobster soup, lobster salad and lobster sub in two sizes. As doctor ordered I had a soup and sub filled with nice and juicy lobster, in the car, messing my dashboard.

Not to mention that next to Lobster Hut, Donut Hut parked the same time. I did not dare to walk there.

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